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Singing is the most natural thing in the world!


Anyone can sing!


We are born and we sing, it's more natural than speaking.

But many forget to sing. A consequence of the upbringing that repeatedly admonishes us to behave quietly. But if you have a loud, resonant organ, you can only achieve this by suppressing your natural voice.

So singing lessons are not actually about teaching, but rather about remembering to sing.


Both students who no longer have any relation to the voice come to me, as well as singers who do very well with their voice, but find that they can get even more out of it when they understand how their entire vocal tract works.


The interaction of the body muscles in connection with the functions of the vocal cords and the resonance chambers can only be understood by feeling.


I devote the beginning of the lesson to breathing to prepare the body for singing and to draw the student's attention to the various muscle functions.

The second part is the classic warm-up. This serves to warm up the voice and to train or correct the technique. For singers with intonation problems, the focus is on hearing and feeling the tones in order to get more intonation security.  

The automatic side effect is that the vocal range expands and the voice becomes more voluminous! 

Very good singers keep coming here, too, who just want to be aware of the technical aspect of the voice and work on the subtleties.

The most important part is of course the repertoire!


Why are we singing? It's not necessarily about impressing other people, but singing has very positive effects on the psyche and physical health. 


Singing is healing!


The most important factor there is the feeling.


How can I add more expression to a song? How can I make it more alive? What is it that the song needs to get under the listener's skin?





weekly unit of 45 minutes: 120 euros per month

weekly unit of 60 minutes: 160 euros per month


Fixed date, school holidays paid for!


Individual lesson of 60 minutes: 55 euros (flexible date, no school holidays paid)


Course locations are Bruchsal and Gochsheim

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