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My name is Mirko Mitschele, my vocation is a consciousness trainer, musician and life
I can draw on years of experience in teaching solution patterns in connection with
spiritual practice and have shown ways of trust, happiness, harmony and abundance
with my ability to recognize and explain “connections” to many people (including
My field of activity is diverse: Guitar and vocal teacher, live and studio musicians, but
also experiential pedagogue, painter and course instructor for autogenous training, as
well as spiritual life counseling and energetic healing work fulfill my days as a life
artist and life facilitator.
Yoga is an essential part of my life.
With my decades of experience, especially in mantra and meditation music, I love to
accompany people to deep inner experiences and a journey


My specialties:


💙 Work on beliefs and their transformation

💙 Promoting your own strengths and tools of expression (e.g. the voice)

💙 Harmonization of body, mind and soul with music therapy tools

💙 Healing through music


My tools:

💙 My voice and the instruments at my disposal

💙 Communication

💙 Yoga and meditation

💙 The energy flowing through my hands

💙 My access to the inner truths and beliefs

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