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Vibration as a means of healing.

Vibrations and musical sounds have a healing effect on our body.
Pure vibration therapies such as the singing bowl treatment, gong yoga or
phonophoresis (tuning fork therapy) work with frequencies that are transmitted to the
body and thus to the soul, and have a harmonizing effect on body and mind.

In the sound bowl treatment (or massage), the sound bowls are struck either close to
or directly on the body, thus balancing the energy fields of the body. Feeling and
hearing the vibrations leads to relaxation of the body.
This method is a very deep form of massage that can lead the whole body to a very
deep level of relaxation.

Phonophoresis (also called tone puncture) describes a method in which tuning forks
are either placed on certain points (e. g. energy fields, muscles, bones) or simply
struck at a distance. The tuning forks are tuned to the planetary vibrations and thus
have a targeted harmonizing effect on the physical and energetic system. It is possible
to work specifically on physical disorders, e. g. blockages or other physical complaints,
or to harmonize the entire system, e. g. in a chakra balancing.

In music therapy, the medium of music is used to clarify emotions and bring them into
consciousness, in order to gain clarity about the aspects of one’s self in the form of
self-confidence. We use music as a means of playful self-reflection and self-knowledge.
The success of music therapy does not depend on whether the patient is musically
inclined or not.
Another aspect of music therapy is the use of music for relaxation. For example,
through mantras and soothing sound experiences (sound journeys) it is possible for us
to reach a deep state of relaxation.
In the relaxed state, when the mind is free, it is easier for us to recognize our unhealed
parts and bring them to the surface where we can get to know and work on them.
Of course, instrumental and singing lessons also are forms of music therapy.
In our case, singing therapy is a mixture of classical teaching and personality
development, or development of potential.

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