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Why make it complicated when it can be simple?


We are happy to encourage you to look at your situation from a different perspective in order to understand what may have led to painful experiences in the past.

Whether on the phone, via Zoom or in a face-to-face meeting, we can discuss your questions together, analyze your feelings and explore easy ways forward.

Kundalini yoga is a very energetic form of yoga.


The physical practice and the sometimes active meditations release blockages and bring body, mind and soul into harmony, thereby helping life to flow.

Kundalini yoga can be practiced by anyone, regardless of their physical condition and flexibility.

Music is healing.


The vibrations alone have a healing effect.

Used in a targeted way through music therapy, singing bowl massage

or healing singing


(e.g. mantras) can further enhance the effect.

Everything is energy.

Everything that constitutes us on the physical plane is based on energy.Everything we perceive on the physical plane stems from ideas... Energy follows ideas.

Sometimes certain energies block us and we struggle with these blockages, which are very easy to release.

How can I as a woman awaken my inner woman and allow the original feminine energy to flow?

How can I as a woman live happily in my full feminine potential and discover my own creativity, strength and sexuality? Heal my inner child, my inner man and my inner woman and bring them into balance?

Free myself from pain, negativity, fear, negative emotions and stress and transform them?

All women's illnesses and problems can be healed through practice, understanding and the voice.

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