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Our Trainings, Courses and Seminars.

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Gong Training

The gong is a true master of healing.

The sound spectrum is immense and ranges from gentle singing to thunderous rumbling.

The gong is an elementary part of music therapy and sound yoga.


Group Courses &  Seminars


A selection of the different offers we have, such as e. g. voice training seminars, bring your own instrument and also yoga and awareness seminars.

Vocal Coaching


The voice is probably the most individual of all instruments and only if this is addressed can the student get the most out of his voice.
I form the basics with the necessary techniques and the songs that the student wants to sing are also worked on immediately. Expression is one of the most important factors.

Guitar Lessons

Whether electric or acoustic, classic or western, the needs of the student decide what he needs for himself.
Whether it stays at the  campfire, leads to a classical concert or as a solo guitarist in a metal band, maybe also in a jazz band, I can lay the foundations for everything.

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