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This offer is not just about pure singing lessons, but much more about a form of therapeutic singing, a combination of coaching in connection with work on the voice.


Anyone can sing! We are born and we sing, it`s more natural than speaking. But many forget to sing. Fears, inhibitions and self-doubt block the natural mechanisms of the voice.

The actual blockage is because of psychological nature.

For me, classical singing lessons (breathing technique, support, expression) are only part of my singing lesson.

Rathermore, I pay attention to the blockages that arise from one`s own beliefs, because once these are resolved, the voice works naturally and the technique is only used for refinement.

My experience has shown that this type of work has a double effect. Not only does the singing get better, the quality of life increases immensely and a conscious handling of our body, mind and soul opens up completely new perspectives in finding or realizing our destiny. Another aspect is the feeling! The interaction of the body muscles in connection with the functions of the vocal cords and the resonance chambers can only be understood by feeling.

Through the vocal training we strengthen the relationship to our body and our emotional world.


The student selects the song repertoire. The most important thing in everything we do is joy..
We can only express emotions if we can feel what we are singing.


Singing is healing!




Individual lesson of 60 minutes: 80 euros (online)

Homevisit (costs depends on the distance)


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