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The gong is the sound of creation.

The gong player communicates with the universe. From this sound are born all kinds of music, all sounds and all words. The Gong sound is the core of the world. (Yogi Bhajan)

The basic course of the gong training lasts 2 days, during which various techniques
are taught and instruction is given on how to elicit healing sounds from the gong.

The practical part:


  • Experience and give sound journeys.
  • Rhythmic foundations.

  • Dynamic playing is practiced.

  • Which mallets and rubbers can be used and combined, as well as the possible playing techniques.

  • Chakra therapy (targeted play of the chakras).

  • What other instruments can be used to support the sound experience?

  • in with the gong. . .The tuning, or swinging

. . . and of course the most important thing: the intuitive play, create and hold the energetic space.

There is no lack of theory:


  • What is Gong?

  • Gong history.

  • What is Soundyoga?

  • Gongs.

  • Gong Yoga Therapy.

  • Gong and other musical instruments.


Basic training, 2 days (at 4 hours) 200,-/person

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