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What is energy work?

The cells store all information resulting from our experiences (in the 3 or 4 D world).
Everything that makes up the physical plane is shaped by the energetic plane that is
Each experience is stored in the cells, or in the energy field (soul). For example,
negative information can lead to mental or physical “diseases. ” The theme, only a
memory, reproduces itself in the “present” and thus ensures that we repeat the same
experience over and over again (until we “dissolve” it). If a “disease” develops from it,
it is a cry for help from the soul. Sometimes the soul (or cells) frees itself from the
information. Very often, however, this is a clue to raise awareness of the topic.

What happens when working in a human’s energy field?

Basically, a connection to another option is established. Life is nothing but a matrix
and consciousness is one option, but every other option is there (parallel universes).
We can choose another option at any time. But this does not work through our egoconsciousness, but through our higher self. The ego has its own plan of salvation, and
it is based on searching, but never finding. Within a dream one cannot find reality, and
the ego is nothing but part of a dream.
When the “healer” establishes the connection between the planes, the higher self can
make the changes that will carry the seeker on his path.
A “healer” does not heal anyone but himself, but he can offer a space to a person
seeking help in which he can heal himself. . . In principle, everyone is his own healer,
so we could replace the term healer (in the sense of “for the other person”) with room
holders, or compliment it.
There are several energetic healing methods, which are mostly based on a connection
to a morphic field. I work intuitively.

An elementary part of healing is the willingness to be healed!

Yes, everyone who has a disease says: But I don’t want it and I want to be cured!
(more on this under the heading “Philosophy”).
A disease first serves as a means of communication between body, mind and soul. . .
Let’s add the Higher Self;-)
The body (physical, emotional, thoughts. . . etc. ) expresses what the soul or mind is
burdened by or wants to change.
If the seeker is ready for a new path, a change in symptoms is certain. If he is not
ready, he may think he wants healing, but he blocks it himself (just as he created his
own sickness). If he is not ready on the physical and mental level, then in his mind the
far more sensible way is to investigate the causes.
Questions: “What do I hold on to?”, “What do I want to achieve with my illness?”, “Where do I think I still need my illness” (hidden beliefs, reference to the philosophy page on “The Different Levels of Our Being”).


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