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My name is Alexandra Mitschele, from Almaty (Kazakhstan), I am a certified international Kundalini Yoga Teacher from the Amrit Nam Sarovar School.
I am also a Gong Master, Healer, Singer, Musician and Composer. My spiritual name is Partap Devi Kaur, which means “Paradise on Earth.” So I see it as my purpose to help people connect to their soul and find and realize their purpose.
The most important thing is to show me how to deal with anger, fear and negativity, so that these emotions no longer poison our lives and we can live a happy, harmonious, fulfilled and conscious life in the present and here on Earth.


My specialties:

💚 Working with Emotions (fear, anger, guilt, suffering to transform properly)

💚 Chakra, Physiscal Body Harmonization.

💚 Prosperity in Life (finding your purpose and fullfill it in life)

💚 Harmonious Relationship


My tools:


💚 Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, (Yoga) Therapy

💚 Music

💚 Sound Yoga

💚 Women Practices (how can a woman live happily with her femininity, forgive the inner man and inner woman, and harmonize these shares)

💚 Universal Rays Healing

💚 Holy Dancing

💚 Creative work with people

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