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The guitar offers many possibilities ...
...and to be able to play all styles at least partially you need a
lot of time to practice;-)

So let’s start again with the basics!

Frequently asked question:
Do I need to be able to read music?
Simple answer: No.
If you want to learn music, you can learn them by rehearsing guitar techniques.
Those who are not interested can do very well without reading music. Knowledge of music for classical
guitar and wanting to follow the path of a professional musician is recommended, as this increases the choice of jobs.

With children I always teach with reading music, until there really is resistance, because children tend
to be much more open and simply learn them "by the way".
As well, there are different difficulties learning the guitar than with older students.

With children, unless otherwise desired, I lead them towards the classical guitar, i. e. playing
according to notes and plucking techniques on the concert guitar. At the same time, they also
learn the basic chords, the associated strumming techniques, harmony, theory and rhythm.

For students who only want to learn the guitar, usually people who are fully engaged in
professional life, it is actually primarily about learning the basic techniques with chords and
how to accompany songs (and also sing to them;-)), in order to work independently with the
possibilities offered by the Internet.

Then there are the guitarists who want to know!
Whether it is Heavy Metal, Jazz or Folk or Classical Guitar, everything has its focal points and
sometimes different techniques.

I started playing guitar with Heavy Metal and am very grateful for the technical basics.
The classical guitar came inevitably, because metal is very much linked to classical music, only
that I worked on the concert guitar with other techniques which are very useful for e. g. folk.
My path led me to jazz and thus to a better understanding of music and its harmonic

Most musicians have a certain direction in which they want to work. Whether we bring other
stylistic aspects into the class is up to the openness of the student, every path is good and it is
important that what we do in the class resonates with the student!

Prerequisite to be taught by me is commitment and the willingness to practice regularly.


Individual lesson of 30 minutes: 30 Euro (online)
Home visit possible (costs depend on distance)

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