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Life Counseling & Coaching

What is this experience (this life) really about for me?
Is what I think I’m looking for really what I’m looking for, or have I been distracted?
Where do I feel blocked, am I’m overwhelmed with my life?
Do I have beliefs that su
ggest that I attract misfortune, that I am worthless, or do I do something for love all the time?

Sometimes it’s more about asking the right questions, rather than trying hard to find answers. The answers come alone when the question leads to the root of suffering.
Often, when we rummage, we get lost in effects and symptoms, instead of finding out the causes.

What do we need to live? What is happiness? What is abundance? Who am I really?

Happiness is an inside job!

When I perceive conflicts on the outside, I carry them in me.
When I perceive lack on the outside, I have a doctrine that suggests I am lacking.

We are always perfect and we are always filled with love.

Yes, in our complex being, it is not so easy, at first glance, to get behind what is
actually the cause of the supposed problem. This often requires different points of
view and the willingness to allow new perspectives into one’s life. We are all one, but
we experience separation. Even if this is an illusion, it seems very real and, depending on the creed, a perception other than separation seems completely absurd.
The important thing is that we are always right. Whatever we believe, it’s going to
come true. That is why it is very important to observe our beliefs critically.

Our offer:

Free meeting (approx. 30 minutes) to discuss the topic, the possible wishes and needs, and to be able to feel whether we resonate energetically with each other.
Putting together a help package. (Customized to your needs)
On request: A program designed to solve the issue with spiritual practice.

Conversations in German, English, Italian.

Spezialangebot in Kooperation mit Female Coach Julie-May Otto: (nur auf deutsch)

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