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The beginning is very similar to the guitar:

Technical basics, scales, chord formation.

Understand the instrument and tackle the stylistically diverse possible applications. When do I play alternate bass, when do eighth notes... and how do I deal with the drums?

Then there are the advanced techniques and of course more sophisticated accompaniment patterns.



Frank Zappa once said: "The bass player's fate is sealed in the rehearsal room.

You have 3 guitarists and no bass player and the one who practices the least has to play the bass!" This is not a flattering cliché and it does absolutely no justice to the bass and its operator. A well-played bass is in no way inferior to the guitar and needs A lot of practice, just like the guitar!As Peter Gropp, double bass player from Paradise Club, once said: You can't make music with the bass, but you can't make music without the bass either!



Then there are special challenges and, of course, more opportunities, e.g. B. Plays a 5 or 6 string bass.







Individual lessons:


weekly unit of 30 minutes: 70 euro per month

weekly unit of 45 minutes: 100 euros per month



Fixed date, school holidays paid for!



Individual lesson of 45 minutes: 35 euros



Course locations are Bruchsal and Gochsheim



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