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It`s so easy that we can`t even begin to imagine how easy it is

because we`ve been told it is hard all our lives.

In the end we will find that everything is just a dream and we have everything in our hands...
Every little thing we can direct... We are just a pure illusion.

All that IS is our illusion, we just have to break our limits and believe in it.



What is healing?


What do I mean by healing?

I think most people have an unfavorable idea of healing.


Healing primarily affects the mind and only secondarily the body.

For a physically ill person, their symptoms can mean healing and relief of spirit. We are spirit and have a body. The body "should" serve the spirit. If the mind serves the body, we get lost on the physical level and start to take it too seriously and with that we lose our "pure" consciousness.


The body serves, among other things, for communication between the soul, spirit and physical level (I`ll reduce it to these 3 levels for the moment, there are many more). If the mind or soul is sick, it expresses this through the body. The longer the physical symptoms are ignored, the more they manifest themselves in the body (even over several lifetimes).



We only have one task, that is to be happy!


Happiness does not depend on external circumstances, but solely on the inner attitude.

Everything that is sought on the outside serves only to confuse.

A proverb says:
Just to perceive yourself in a body is a sign of confusion.
Interesting thought...

Is the body a bad thing now?

Good and bad are evaluations and evaluations inevitably lead to suffering, because within the duality everything needs an opposite pole,

good - bad,
beautiful - ugly,
joy - suffering


The body is an experience,
the outside is a projection,
and the earth is a playground.



The ME and the others.


We need other people to recognize ourselves and then to be able to heal ourselves.

But we cannot enter the other to heal him.

These are the paradoxical limits, because ultimately the other people are in us and do not exist as independent beings at all.
However, they are at that level in their own energy and so we don`t have the ability or right to want to make them do something just because we think it serves us (or them).

To believe that a human being needs healing, if he doesn`t think so,
it`s presumptuous.

Everyone is allowed to be in their suffering, that is their God-given right.
On another level, no one has private thoughts.
We all only have one mind and it provides us with thoughts.

When we have healed the inner children, we can influence these thoughts and thus heal everyone through self-healing, since everything is just the self anyway.



Power and powerlessness.


The greater the urge to exert power on the outside,
the greater the feeling of powerlessness on the inside.


Ultimately, it`s always about power at this level.

The only phase in which we are "mercilessly at the mercy" of our environment is in our childhood
(of course that`s not entirely true, because we probably also chose this supposed powerlessness ourselves).

We store this feeling of powerlessness in our subconscious and continue to act in adulthood as if we were powerless.

This is partly a very stubborn self-deception.

So we often continue to turn in an absurd cycle from which we could very easily break out.


Is it really that simple?
Is the information sometimes burned very deeply into the cells?


The most important step, as with everything on this level, is the realization that NOW and HERE is the only thing that exists and includes the past and the future.

Sounds paradoxical?

It is! Everything here is paradoxical ;-)





Suffering is the engine of change. If I judge joy as good and sorrow as bad, I perceive the sorrow as something torturous. If I give up the judgment and see suffering as an impulse, it serves me to move forward.

I cannot choose (earthly) joy within duality and exclude suffering. That would be like wanting to experience only days and no more nights. That`s absurd!

I can embrace the sorrow and so I can get into the joyful moments much faster... and they become much more intense as a result.

Suffering is your friend, you just have to accept it, because suffering helps you to recognize what you don`t want and, in turn, what you really want.

Suffering is only a guide, like joy,
and thus only one option for becoming aware.

When I`m aware of this, I can consciously choose joy as a guide and use suffering to help when joy doesn`t get me any further. If I`m not aware, then something happens that I don`t think I can be able to influence.





One of the most important topics for me to avoid getting lost in spiritual thoughts that make life harder instead of easier is accepting the paradoxes.

We exist on different levels that follow different laws. On the "worldly" level there are eg the factors of time, space, body, which follow laws that only exist on this level. For example, we experience the illusion of time as a sequence of past, present and future. We can somehow reconcile the past with the present, but what about the future?

Has anyone been there?
Me Not!

Only as a fictional idea in my mind. In principle, the same applies to the past.

We fall back on memories, in the firm belief that we have experienced it. Strange, I`ve heard stories of shared experiences very often and when I told them I noticed that I remembered the story a little differently. Even better, the same story is told again by the same person at a different "time" and is different again. The memory? I think that the past is also a construct that doesn`t exist any more than the future. They only serve as a distraction from the NOW and HERE.

However, at this level these constructs are important, as is the idea of separation.

I can state that we are all one, yet I experience the sense of separation here and it is still "proved" to me even by the body.

There is no ultimate truth, only an infinite possibility of variants to choose from.

Why should I create a suffering world that also only consists of faith, when I can also create a joyful one with the same means?



Reviews and the consequences


We always evaluate and we always judge!

The evaluation leads to the verdict. With this we always judge, no matter how hard we try to be value-free or judgment-free!

When I put my hand in the water to see if it`s cold or warm, I`m judging. If it`s very cold, I might pull them out again. And when I see that it`s steaming, I might not even put my hand in it. Then I even have a prejudice! So is it wrong?

Here we are again with the paradoxes. I evaluate within this level what stays within the level... or not? 


It`s a trap, because behind every rating is the information that I give value to something, but if I give value to a game, it is no longer a game, then I take it seriously and it loses the character of the game.

_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

I believe that play is the tool for creation, so only in play can we create purposefully.

If we take what we perceive here (too) seriously, we get into a whirlpool of powerlessness, which has a certain appeal, but makes it difficult for us to come out again.

Nevertheless, we will never be free from evaluations and judgements, because the decision as to which path I go is a judgment (evaluation) and thus a condemnation of the path I don't go and also of the one you go!




Light and darkness


The concept of seeing darkness as evil (e.g. the devil) and light as good (e.g. God) is, in my opinion, a highly manipulative and very blocking concept on the path to self-knowledge!

It only serves fear and this robs felt love the energy it needs to be perceived on this level.

the darkness as the unconscious
and the light as the conscious
simplifies the journey into the dark necessary for healing for the frightened soul!

The fear of the dark stems from that everything experienced that caused pain is shifted into darkness, the beautiful tends to be held in the light.

What an absurd concept to create a dualistic reality and then only want to look at one aspect! Why should I perceive myself in a body if I didn`t want this experience in its entirety?

Free will is inviolable! If I want a body, I have you e duality chosen!

If I regard the associated pain as a gift equal to joy, it only serves me as a tool and thus loses its horror!



You are always right no matter what you believe! The question is, does what you believe make you happy?


(I can`t add anything to that right now)



Positive thoughts


Today I only want to see what I see.
I only want to be where I am.
I only want to feel what I feel.
And I only want to have what is with me.
Today I am perfectly happy!




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