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2 Yoga Retreats in Spain, Huesca Montsec de l'Estall, in the mountains, in beautiful nature, between Andorra and Zaragoza, in an abandoned and ruined village that is being brought back to life by the Asociación DharmaHari Fet.



08/06/2022 - 08/12/2022

Raise your voice! 


Bringing the voice and its creation into the world retreat. 


This seminar is aimed at everyone who wants to be heard in their lives, e.g. for singers, speakers, teachers and anyone who wishes to be heard in their relationships, family, circle of friends, etc become. 


The aim of the seminar is to clear the way for your own voice. 


In this seminar we mainly deal with the connection between Manipura (navel and solar plexus) and Vishuddha  (throat) chakra (energy center).

The Manipura Chakra stands for power, manifestation, energy and self-confidence and is considered the center of manifestation. 


The Vishuddha Chakra stands for expression and communication, as well as for the  speaking  of truth and is therefore considered the center of self-realization. bad5cf58d_


If  we can use our voice we will be heard. 


Elements of the seminar are: 


Practices from the  Kundalini and Hatha Yoga to harmonize the chakras. 


Classical vocal training and energetic singing (a technique in which the tones from the different chakras are sung). 


We chant mantras and surrender to the sounds and energies that flow naturally from us. 


It is not  important whether you are an experienced or an inexperienced singer. It's all about finding His voice and bringing it out. 


Further program points are the 5 elements dance, a gong trip, a shamanic hike and a cooking course.

Energy balance: from 333,- at your own discretion

08/13/2022 - 08/19/2022


Find and realize your purpose 


In this retreat we will help you to find the way to your innermost self through various practices, deep relaxation and meditation.

In this state you find access to your answers much more easily and can get clarity about your path and how you can embark on it much more easily.

The practices also help you to deal with the fear of a new step and not to let supposed obstacles throw you off the path.

Another aspect is the exchange of the felt and lived experiences during the practices and the sensing of changes to the previous state, as well as the opportunity to focus on the right question. 


Here, too, the musical aspect is an elementary component (Kirtan, sound journeys) and we work with practices from Kundalini and Hatha Yoga. 


We are also offering a shamanic hike, a gong journey and a cooking course this week. 


Take your first steps towards soul fulfillment.



Energy balance: from 333,- at your own discretion.

Both retreats together: from 555,-  at your own discretion. 


The price is halved if you come to the retreat as a helper. You will still find the time to participate in all offers (places are limited). 

The first and the last day are arrival and departure days. On day 3 we do Saddhana at 5 o'clock , the rest of the day you have time to do a longer hike to one of the magical places in the area (e.g. Finestras)._cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

For the overnight stay you need a tent or a mobile home (note, not every vehicle can make the route! Please clarify with us beforehand) or you can sleep in our shared dorm. We pick up all participants at the nearest location to bring them to the yoga village or to accompany them.

For those who want to fly here, there is the possibility to go to Monzon by bus from the airports: Barcelona, Huesca or Zaragoza. We can also pick you up from there. 

Children can be brought along and taken care of during the programs. Therefore, please contact us beforehand.


3 vegan, nutritious meals a day are included. 


A bathing lake can be reached on foot in 40 minutes. The magic of the place immediately takes you to other states of consciousness and the low-radiation environment helps to cleanse the cells and release everyday stress.

The retreats are led by: 

Alexandra (Parat Devi Kaur)

Mirko Mitschel

Nikita Atmananda Das 

Including Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga teacher and therapist. Founder and placeholder of the Asociación DharmaHari Fet. 

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